In 2006 Nuwkem set out with the vision of creating a company that stands for what is good in the hygiene industry, we wanted to do honest business where you could:

  1. Enjoy dealing with the people who are helping you,
  2. Be certain of availability of stock and
  3. Know that the product and brand that you are getting is of superior quality.

We offer our customers products with extensive warranties and quality craftsmanship (see out warranty page). These 3 points were the key factors that we not only want for our customers, but for ourselves as well.



1. Affordable solutions that work
2. Best warranty’s in the industry – dispensers that do what they were designed to do
3. A brand that honours its statement and does what it says it does

4. Low cost in use on consumables, designed for optimal usage
5. The best skin care formulations – making sure hands stay healthy and moisturized
6. Products are certified, Look for the logos


If you see a Rubbermaid or Ticra stamp on a dispenser/ consumable you can rest assured we have tried it, we have tested it and it has proven itself worthy.

By partnering with brand leaders such as Rubbermaid Commercial Products, as well as by establishing our own quality control brand, Ticra Hygiene, we have a successful mix of washroom hygiene and cleaning solutions that we trust and put our stamp of approval on, and anyone who knows us, knows if we trust it, so can you.

We are now excited to say, we are expanding once again, this time into the Africa and Indian Ocean Markets, we are now able to provide this same vision, past the borders of South Africa through our Nuwkem Global Division, proudly headed by Rudie Vivier, our exports specialist.