The environmental impact of our products are very important. There are a couple of products that support the environment such as Pulse Mop, 500ml, 800ml, 1100ml and 1300ml Foam Hand Wash, Bio Block, Nu Smell Plus, Eco Rim Block, Cistern Block, Bio Purinel, Hand Dryer, T Cell – to name a few


a. Our dispensers are made to buy once, making them sustainable.
b. Our lotion soaps are EU Ecolabel approved with our 500ml options having the additional green seal approval.
c. Our hand dryer is energy saving while still being effective.
d. All our plastic is recyclable on our hand soaps.
e. Our Urinal solutions are bio friendly, using enzymes and bacteria to clean, instead of chemicals.
f. Our pulse mop, is a water saving solution using only 750ml water at a time, instead of using a bucket of water.