Dustmop Sweeper Sleeve Microfibre 90cm

90cm Microfiber Dustmop Sleeve (Import Only)


Best performance dust mop sleeve.

SKU: TR050644


Hygen™ Microfiber Dust Mop (All Units Sold Separately)


90cm Dustmop Sweeper Sleeve Microfiber

Microfiber Dust mop sweeping is more effective than traditional methods, the microfiber creates static electricity that picks up double the amount of dust than cotton or acrylic dustmop sweepers.
  • Best performance dust mop sleeve
  • Green in colour
  • Has patented Zig-Zag strips and higher-pile-looped-end construction – this allows it to capture and hold more dust and debris
  • Works well on all smooth indoor surfaces
  • Can withstand up to 90°C hot water laundering
  • Works perfectly in all areas light to high traffic
  • Add a Velcro frame and ergonomic handle to make this unit complete

Available in

  • 40cm Sleeve 16 x 13.5 x 47mm (Code R050648)
  • 60cm Sleeve 35 x 13 x 29.5mm (Code R050667)
  • 90cm Sleeve 133 x 19.5 x 52mm (Code TR050644) (Import Only)
  • 120cm Sleeve 32 x 21 x 68mm (Code R050645) (Import Only)


90cm Quick Connect Frame

Aluminium quick connect, Velcro frame that works with any of our handles as well as the Dry Dust Mop Sleeves.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction – which is safe for MRI rooms
  • Has a flat profile that slides easily under furniture and equipment allows for better cleaning
  • Trapezoidal shape allows for cleaning in corners and hard to reach areas
  • Has rounded plastic end caps that helps protect walls and furniture
  • All sleeves are connected to the frame with Velcro – this means that it is very easy to replace a sleeve (takes seconds) and the cleaner does not need to bend down to put the sleeve on or take it off
  • Add a dustmops sweeper sleeve in the relevant size and an ergonomic handle to make this a complete unit

Available in

  • 40cm Frame 31.5 x 41 x 10mm (Code R034562)
  • 60cm Frame 14.5 X 14 X 62mm (Code FGQ57000YL00)
  • 90cm Frame 16.5 x 11 x 90mm (Code GQ58000YL00)
  • 120cm Frame 17 x 13 x 120mm (Code GQ59000YL00)

186cm Ergonomic Mop Handle (Yellow)

Ergonomic Handles are made to ensure the safety of the user, by ensuring that they don’t have to bend over when working, the shape of the handle ensures comfort in use, adhering to health a safety standards and improving on your OHS standards.
  • These poles can be used with any of the Rubbermaid quick connect heads but work best with the mops and dust mop sweepers
  • Improves on health and safety
  • More comfortable to use – keeps the user standing upright and not bent over – allowing cleaners to work more comfortably for longer
  • Lightweight non-magnetic aluminium construction – which is safe for MRI rooms
  • Has a non-slip tip when the handle is placed against the wall the rubber tip prevents it from falling over
  • Has a large comfortable grip – provides better stability for cleaning in high areas
  • Available in yellow only

Available in

  • Short Extension Handle – Extends from 50.8cm to 101.9cm (Code FGQ74500)
  • Straight Extension Handle – Extends from 121.9cm to 182.9cm (Code FGQ75500)
  • Large Extension Handle – Extends from 182.9cm to 548.6cm (Code FGQ77500)
  • Ergonomic Telescopic Handle – 186cm (Code FGQ76000)
  • Traditional Mop Handle – 147cm (Code FGQ75000YL00)


Material Microfibre
Pack Size 12
Shipping Dimension (cm) 33 x 19.5 x 52 cm
Shipping (Kg) 2.0 kg