400ml Seat & Handle Cleaner Refill

400ml Seat & Handle Cleaner


400ml Seat & Handle Cleaner.

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400ml Seat & Handle Cleaner

400ml Quick Drying Seat and Handle Cleaner.
  • Alcohol Based Seat Sanitiser
  • Spray formula (just spray onto toilet paper and wipe the toilet seats to get rid of germs before using)
  • Quick Drying
  • Each refill gives 2000 shots of seat sanitiser
  • The refill is hygienically sealed to prevent the alcohol from evaporating, ensuring that you are always using a product that works
  • Works with the 400ml Spray Dispenser


400ml Manual Spray Dispenser

Dual Purpose Hand or Seat Sanitiser Dispenser with antimicrobial protection and patented pump system.
  • A 400ml Sanitiser Dispenser – for the dispensing of seat sanitiser or hand sanitiser
  • Uses a sachet system – see refill below
  • Offices and washrooms can benefit from having this dispenser up to help prevent the spread of germs
  • Can be used as a hand sanitiser or a seat sanitiser
  • Antimicrobial protection in the push leaver inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives added protection – this prevents germs from being transferred from your hands onto the dispenser
  • The patented pump system allows the refill to be transferred between wash areas with low and high traffic. Allows for re-sealing the refill.
  • Dose size 0.2ml per shot giving 2000 shots of seat or hand sanitiser per 400ml refill

As a Hand Dispenser

  1. Ideal for food handling and processing areas as well as healthcare facilities.

As a Seat Sanitiser

  1. Spray Seat Cleaner allows the user to clean the toilet seat before using it. Giving users peace of mind when using the washrooms


  • Standard Range: White, Matt Black, Satin and Stainless Steel
  • Precious Metals: Copper Gloss and Matt Black Steel


Product Dimension (ml) 400 ml
Material Liquid
Pack Size 12
Shipping Dim (cm) 30 x 25 x 16 cm
Shipping Weight (Kg) 4.8 Kg