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 How scents affect moods, impact buying
habits, and skyrocket productivity

Scents can do amazing things for our mind and body. From stress and headache relief to boosting mood, and skyrocketing productivity, certain aromas can have a massive impact.
Environmental scents in retail environments have been studied and shown to affect consumers’ purchasing habits and even determine whether or not they’ll become a repeat customer.

This isn’t airy-fairy; science is backing up the power of scent.

Our sense of smell bypasses the logical thought process so instead of our brains painstakingly analyzing the information we receive from a particular scent (BORING), we just get warm and fuzzy all over with a simple sniff.  A smell can trigger important memories that can take us all the way back to childhood.

And it’s not just memories; certain odors can make us feel happy, make us more focused, and can even impact consumer spending!

Did you know that human beings can remember about 10,000 distinct smells?

One study conducted by consumer psychologist and academic Eric Spangenberg discovered that when feminine scents, like vanilla, were used in a retail store sales of women’s clothes doubled (try our Microburst Vanilla- infused Island Cocktail). 
And in a separate study published in the Proceedings of ISOT/JASTS 2004, researchers found that a hint of vanilla boosted feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Putting Scents to Work in the Office

This doesn’t just work for retailers; aromas can be useful in the office, too.
Fresh floral scents have been shown to stimulate parts of the brain that solves problems and used in planning ahead (strategy session, anyone?). Some research has shown that people who are exposed to floral scents finish tasks up to 17% faster than others.

Here are a few more go-to scents for the work space (Part of out eco friendly T-Cell Range):

Mild Lavender Mint is a highly recognizable, herbal fresh go-to scent for relaxation, calming the mind and body almost instantly. 
Fruity Mango Blast creates an uplifting tropical scent (aloha!).
A mild woody and citrus blend, Elegance promotes a sense of calm while boosting upbeat, positive emotions that makes us happy.
Our less intense citrus and floral combo, Decadence, encourages relief from anxiety to create a joyful, happy experience. Citrus enhances floral scents without being overpowering. 
Another feel good fragrance is Opulence, an intense citrus and floral scent, great for relieving anxiety and creating joy.

Wrapping it up

The proof is in: the right scents have been shown to work wonders for the well-being of employees, clients, and customers. The only hard part is choosing: fruity, floral, citrus, woody? Which is the perfect scent for your office?

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