Although there may not be a strict “do and don’t” list for using a public restroom, in many cases by simply having the right supplies on hand you can encourage your employees and customers to make right choices for everyone in the restroom.


There are several reasons to leave your phone behind before entering a restroom not the least of all because of the germs.

Each flush of a toilet sends a plume of bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses (including E.Coli) shooting into the air. Considering your phone is used up against your face, it’s probably the last item you…

want in the way of the dreaded toilet plume (*cue scary music*). But keeping the phone out of the restroom is not just about the germs (as if that wasn’t enough of a reason already). Having your phone in hand, in these days of social media, may leave others wondering if they’re about to become the next secretly-filmed, ridiculed YouTube star.

Play it safe, keep it clean, and leave your phone on the other side of those restroom doors.


Chances are your mama taught you to clean up after yourself at home and most of the same rules apply in a public restroom.

Before leaving the bathroom cubical take a quick look and wipe any…drops… that may have missed the bowl

(adding Nuwkem’s spray Foam Toilet Seat Sanitiser dispensers give users an extra hint on this etiquette tip and also make clean up a breeze). Keep hygiene bag dispensers installed next to the toilet roll holder for anything that can’t be put in the toilet and it’s less likely that users will try to flush their un-flushables (available in white, satin, or stainless steel finishes).

Last but not least, after washing your hands wipe down water splashes and gobs of soap from the counter with a paper towel and dispose of appropriately.


Don’t leave the next person in the queue high and dry! It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or in a public restroom, the rules still apply: don’t leave an empty roll of toilet paper without a refill!

Help your employees with this etiquette rule by installing one of a variety of Nuwkem toilet roll holders to suit your décor and needs. Nuwkem toilet roll holders are made for 2, 3, or 5 rolls and can fit either 1-ply (500 sheets) or 2-ply (350 sheets) toilet rolls. Larger dispensers make it easier to dispense and change out the empty rolls.

For high traffic public restrooms, go for Nuwkem’s lockable Giant Toilet Roll Holders (for 1 or 2-ply) with a large roll capacity which cuts down on constant restocking (or the likelihood of running out).

The viewing window means that stock can be checked at a glance to ensure your customers are never without a roll when they need one (also available in white plastic, white steel, or stainless steel finishes).

Better planning means your customers aren’t likely to be left in the lurch!


Whatever business is being attended to in a public bathroom, it’s still private, so try to give other users as much space as possible by choosing a stall a few doors down rather than one right next to the occupied toilet.


A shame this has to be said out loud but a whopping 96% of people “say” they wash their hands after using the toilet but studies have found that *gulp* only 5% actually wash them properly.

This is one time you don’t want to follow the crowd! Take the high road by finding out what those 5% already know about washing hands in Handwashing

for a Healthier Workplace. In the end, proper etiquette is always up to the user, but by ensuring your patrons have all the supplies they need at hand the next time nature calls, you can help steer them towards making the right choices.