Sanitary Bin S/Steel

Designed by woman for woman – Touch Free Operation

12L Bin small enough to fit next to any toilet, large enough to take the waste

  • Wall mountable , slimline sanitary bin
  • Stainless Steel with satin/brushed finish with Stainless Steel frame inside for disposable liner.
  • The slimline design reduces height and allows the bin to fit comfortably into any cubicle for easy access without restricting space
  • Front opening
  • Flute chute prevents waste from sticking to the surface and the user from seeing the contents of the bin.


  • Large: 18 (D) x 28 (W) x 50.5cm (H)


  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel White


Sanitary Bin Liners

  • Available in red, blue, green and yellow
  • Packs of 100 bags
  • 25 micron bag

Sanisense Bin Disinfectant Powder

Sanitary bin disinfectant powder and deodoriser

  • Ensures sanitary waste is safely and hygienically stored in the bin
  • Keeps the washroom fresh – eradicates bad odours and keeps the bin fresh between services
  • Keeps the washroom hygienic by deactivating germs and bacteria inside the bin.

Sanichem Pine Disinfectant and Spray Bottle

Sanitary bin disinfectant cleaner – to make sure that bin is nice and clean inside and out

  • Dilute the product with water into the spray bottle and keep handy for every service
  • Pleasantly pine fragranced disinfectant

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Keep that bin free of dirt marks,

  • Use our stainless steel cleaner with a clean cloth
  • Spray on and wipe off